$9.75 Million Settlement on Behalf of Man Killed by Defective Propane Tank

Propane gas tanks can be a practical source of heating fuel and are commonly used to warm houses or heat backyard grills. But, as a highly combustible gas, propane can also be incredibly dangerous if it is not used or stored properly. Such was the case when a faulty propane tank caused a severe and deadly explosion that destroyed a Pennsylvania home and took the life of a man working on the property.

A new underground propane storage tank was defectively manufactured, and began leaking immediately after being filled with propane.

The propane quickly spread into the soil, and odorlessly hung in the air just above the ground. Unaware of the leak, the construction worker went back to the house and, unaware of the risk, turned on a heater. The house was quickly engulfed in flames.

The victim suffered incredibly severe third and fourth degree burns–some of the most painful injuries a person can endure. Despite a long fight, he died as a result of the injuries three months later.

Schultz Law filed suit against the propane tank manufacturer on behalf of the man’s family and was awarded a $9.75 million settlement.