$3 Million Settlement Awarded to Paraplegic Construction Worker

A construction worker suffered life-altering injuries while working on site installing a gutter on the roof of a house.

As the victim hoisted a 12-foot piece of gutter up in the air in preparation for placement, the gutter hit a nearby electrical line. The victim suffered an electrical shock and was thrown off of his scaffold, plummeting to the ground where he sustained significant injuries. As a result, of this incident, he is now paraplegic.

This should not have happened. It was the result of multiple acts of negligence, including the improper placement of an uninsulated electrical line, despite regulations which require it to be covered. Additionally, the National Electrical Code requires lines to be five feet or more away from residencies and other buildings.

Schultz Law took on this case against the electric utility company and was able to secure a $3 million settlement on behalf of the victim, who will require constant medical care for the rest of his life.