$1 Million Verdict on Behalf of Woman Injured Directly Due to Lack of Product Instructions

In a situation where several other attorneys couldn’t see the potential, the Schultz Law team was able to successfully represent a woman who was injured when, during the course of her job, a large event tent suddenly collapsed, dropping her 25 feet to the concrete below.

Our client was working for an event company, and was asked to first set up the tent–which proceeded without incident because the tent manufacturer provided detailed instructions on how to properly set it up. However, when it came time to take the tent down, the tent manufacturer provided absolutely no instructions on how to do this safely. So our client proceeded as best she could, with catastrophic results.

She suffered serious injuries, and she collected workers’ compensation benefits. But she felt she had a cause of action against the tent manufacturer for failure to provide proper instructions on how to safely use their product.

After being turned down by several attorneys, Mark Schultz and his team were able to craft a winning case against the tent manufacturer, and secure a $1 million verdict after a full jury trial.